From cloth diapering to doulas to baby sign, explore the variety of pregnancy, birth and postpartum related courses offered at Sacramento Baby Space.





Infant Massage (for babies and toddlers 3-weeks and older)


Infant Massage is an incredible tool taught to parents and caregivers that can help your baby with everything from gas, indigestion, and colic, to bonding, crying, and even falling asleep faster and sleeping longer. Touch is the very first sense to appear in utero, and is the sense which is most developed at birth. As your baby’s first form of communication, healthy, nurturing touch through Infant Massage meets his/her need for physical contact, affection, security, stimulation, and movement. Plus, classes are fun and a great way to connect with other parents and children in the community! Pregnant couples are welcome to join as well so you can hit the ground running with the material when your baby is three-weeks old.







Infant Massage (for babies 1-week to 10-months)


Infant Massage will provide you with the skills and confidence to help your baby relax and sleep better! This hands on class is a fun and inviting environment for all babies from birth to one year. This is a flexible class that flows and adapts as the babies may need to eat, rest, and cry! They will also love the one on one interaction and relaxing massage you will learn to give them! This course is taught in 3 sessions about an hour each. This course covers many details such as how to determine the best time to massage your baby, the many benefits of massage, the different massage strokes & techniques, and more. Enjoy this time with your baby and learn how to help them relieve gas/colic stomach pains, improve cognitive skills, understand your babies’ non-verbal communication skills, and so much more!

Class is designed for newborns to pre-walkers (1 week - 10months )







Music Together: Infant and Toddler Music Class


Are you looking for ways to make music a part of your young child’s life? If so, bring your newborn, toddler, or pre-schooler to a Music Together class offered here at Sacramento Baby Space this July!  These classes are research-based, filled with music and movement, and are lots of fun for the entire family! They are a wonderful way to give your child a foundation in music through musical play and child-friendly instruments.  Plus, the class fee comes with a songbook and CDs that you can also use at home to enhance your child’s class experience.  Regardless of your own musical ability, you can have a positive impact on your child’s early musical education – and create life-long bonds in the process