Sacramento Baby Space offers access to a variety of childbirth education courses from many different philosophies and perspectives.  Whether you are planning and preparing for an unmedicated experience, or know you want to use pain medication for birth;  whether you are birthing in a hospital, at home, or at a birth center, learning all that you can about birth dissipates fear and helps you to feel truly prepared for the life-changing experience of giving birth.


Enjoy an intimate atmosphere for learning with an instructor you connect with, and the space to get all of your questions answered.  Connect in a community with other like-minded students who are also preparing for parenthood.





Hypnobabies® is a six week long comprehensive childbirth education course, totaling 18 hours of instruction.  In Hypnobabies you will learn everything you need to know to feel prepared, calm and confident for your birth!


We cover many topics, beginning with the mind body connection in birth and eliminating fear from the birth process.  We also learn about prenatal health, anatomy and physiology of birth, choices in birth, and how to write a birth plan that will actually get read.  We cover postpartum health and how to care for your baby, and maybe most importantly how to be a supportive birth partner!  Partners will leave Hypnobabies class knowing exactly what to do to support the birthing mother through the process, as well as how to advocate for your family and navigate a hospital, birth center, or home birth setting.


In addition to childbirth education, Hypnobabies®  teaches extensive self-hypnosis tools that are easy and relaxing to practice, and very accessible during the birth itself.  Your workbook comes with six CDs and a easy-to-follow routine of how to practice the self-hypnosis tools so that you will have an easier, more comfortable birth experience!


Instructor(s): Michelle Lockett, Sharon Lindenfeld






Lamaze Certified Childbirth Education Course


Become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator


















About Mum's the Word: A Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminar


Our seminar is worth 25.5 contact hours of continuing education through Lamaze International.


Who should attend?

Our target audience includes doulas, nurses, doctors, midwives, massage therapists, and any other professional who wants to educate women and their families on the importance of healthy birth practices.


Seminar Fees for all Pathways:  $600

Fee includes the seminar, lunch and snacks during the seminar, contact hours, mentoring by phone, email and/or Skype, and review/feedback of your course design that you will write (if you desire).  The cost of the certification exam is not included in this fee.








ICEA-approved Advanced Doula/Childbirth Educator Training Workshop


The Experienced Birth Professional:  Maintaining Integrity and Professionalism in Your Practice, An Advanced Doula/Advanced Childbirth Educator Training


This workshop is essential for anyone working with pregnant and birthing women and their families (Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Massage Therapists, Breastfeeding Counselors, Nurses, Doctors and Midwives). To be accepted as Professionals in the birthing community, we need to act professionally. Oftentimes, when doing our work, whether we are advocating, educating, or supporting families, those professional lines are crossed, sometimes intentionally, most times not.


In this workshop, we will discuss what professionalism means to our practice. We will also ask ourselves important questions such as “What brought me to this work?” and “What have I learned about myself while doing this work?”


Our goal is to help you understand your role as a professional in the birthing community and to assist you in your work to help families make informed decisions about their childbearing years.


Program Objectives

1.Define “Professionalism” and understand what it means to your practice.

2.List ways to take care of yourself professionally.

3.Identify improvement needs in your practice.

4.Identify the strengths of your practice and how to build on those strengths.

5.Identify and compare the different roles you play as a birth professional.

6.Identify ways to effectively, and sometimes silently, advocate for your clients before, during and after childbirth.

7.Briefly share a difficult birth



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